Nissin World Delicatessen

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Local Topics - Nissin World Delicatessen : International Food Supermarket

Photo:Nissin World Delicatessen

Located near Azabu-juban Station, Nissin World Delicatessen is a supermarket stocking food from around the world that is supported by the expat community.

Nissin World Delicatessen’s parent company is Nissin Meat Products Co. Ltd., which was founded over a hundred years ago. As such, Nissin World Delicatessen has an established reputation for the range and quality of its meat, sausage and ham products. You can also find wine from all over the world, as well as a wide selection of international foods and ingredients. Certified Halal meat is also available.

On the 22nd August 2018, Nissin moved to new premises diagonally opposite from its past location. As it hasn’t moved far, existing customers should have no trouble finding it.

The new store is a little smaller than the previous one, but there are still plenty of products to choose from. There is also a brand new deli corner to check out.

Special offers are available, including a 3% rebate when you spend over ¥20,000 across all products in one day. There is also a free home delivery available when you spend over ¥7,000. You can also arrange for the honest bee concierge and delivery service to do your shopping for you.