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Expat's Life Guide
and Tips

To enjoy living in Tokyo, there are things you need to know. Public services, utilities, where to shop, recreation spots and etc.
Here we provide you with guides and tips to live in Tokyo.

Having a Baby

- Lump-Sum Childbirth and Childcare Allowance
- Health Insurance
- Child Immunization
- Medical Expense Subsidy Program for Children

Medical Facilities with English Service

- Medical Facilities with English Service
- Medical Reference Hotlines

Home Leave

- Before departure
- While you’re away
- On returning


- Insurance
- Clinics and Hospitals
- English-speaking doctors
- When sick or injured
- Drugstores
- Seasonal conditions


- Emergency Services
- Natural Disasters (Typhoons / Earthquakes)
- Emergency Kit

Post and Courier Services

- Mail in Japan (Basic services / Japanese addresses / Change of Address in Japan)
- Courier Services (Sending / Payment / Tracking / Undeliverable Item Notice / Request redelivery)
- Receiving at a Post Office


- Opening services (Electricity / Gas / Water)
- Meter Reading Sheets and Bills


- The Energy Supplier
- Devices From Overseas
- Buying Electronics
- Home Appliance Settings

Local Topics - Nissin World Delicatessen

Located near Azabu-juban Station, Nissin World Delicatessen is a international food supermarket stocking food from around the world that is supported by the expat community.