KEN is property valuation and brokerage service, especially for high-grade property in Tokyo and Yokohama both for sale and to rent out.


Clear price estimation is the first step for best transaction. Ken Corporation sure knows how.

写真:Sure Valuation
写真:Sure Valuation

With more than 40 years of experience in the high-end property market and over 5,000 successful transactions in a year, Ken Corporation has a proven record and a strong understanding of the trends in the real estate market. A sales team of 200 plus and our proven record allows us to evaluate properties based on real time data. This insures a *high* price but still attract buyers/renters.

Many agents estimate prices using REINS data or other public data bases which all real estate agents can access. These data bases are often based on the asking price not the actual transaction price which makes the data inaccurate. Our data is based on data accumulated over decades of actual transactions which allows us to provide you with an honest evaluation.