Proved by 5,000 luxury residential lease placement yearly, we have strong ties with prospective clients, which includes 1,600 foreign companies and embassies. Also Japanese wealthy such as celebrities, famous athletes, are our clients. As a result of our services offered since the company’s establishment, 50% of all contracts fulfilled are from repeat and introduced clients, even including families that have been with us for three generations. To promote your property for such prospective buyer/renters, we deploy highly designed website and promotional tools to appeal its best aspect.


When leasing out a property, there is an absolute difference in prerequisite between high-grade rental apartments & houses in the center of Tokyo and usual local rental property. High-grade properties naturally require high-grade maintenance to fulfill expectation of tenants. Imagine a 5 star hotel. With charge in substantial amount, users of course expect the best service in return. For high-grade property rentals, only the maintenance company with deep knowledge and skill can perform such business.
Also, major prospective tenants in such market are mostly expatriates who seeks ease in living foreign country. The maintenance work requires ability to understand such needs and to provide appropriate service.
Our residential management service has earned reputation for superb service in both points. For the owner who needs help with your high-grade rental, ask Ken Corporation and you will have 35 years of know-how at your fingertips.

図:How We Have Earned Reputation

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