Corporate profile of Ken Corporation Ltd. We are Tokyo real estate professionals with over 40years of record.


ロゴ: Ken Corporation Group
Ken Corporation Group

In past, we used rectangle logo for the Ken Corporation Group, the same as the Ken Corporation logo. The rectangle group logo represents real-estate such as “building,” “land,” “pillar,” and also our trust and credit as service provider for real estate. Yet, nowadays, the Ken Corporation Group become conglomerate and deals with variety of business: hotels, solar power generation, entertainment and more. To represent change of the group clearly, we made the oval logo to the Ken Corporation Group logo. The oval logo represent infinite contact with our client, infinite circle of business, and hospitality oriented business.

Master Lease

Ken Real Estate Lease Ltd.

Providing real estate business services to both overseas and domestic, individual and corporate investors. The company’s competitive marketing and property management expertise result in highly profitable ownership and operations of office buildings.

  • Master Lease business for luxury residential rentals
  • Owns and operates office buildings, and conducts all aspects of asset/property management business

Property Management

R.A Asset Management Inc.

Master lease and property management services contribute to the stabilization and growth of real estate earnings by applying Ken Corporation’s reliability and experiences gained over many years.

  • Property management of residential, office and commercial establishments
  • Purchase/Sales Brokerage duties for income properties
  • Real estate consulting services

Real Estate Investment Advisors

Ken Real Estate Investment Advisors Ltd.

Applies Ken Corporation Group’s expertise in providing accurate information and appropriate advice.

  • Real estate market analysis and price evaluation
  • Creates real estate indexes
  • Issues KEN Residential Market Report

Real Estate Lease Guarantor

KEN Lease Guarantor Service Co., Ltd.

Serves as rent guarantor for residential and office leases. Alleviates tenants of the burden of assigning a guarantor, while reducing lessor’s two major risks: vacancies and payment delinquencies.

  • Rent guarantor services

Real Estate Purchase/Sale and Resell

KN property Ltd.

ロゴ:KN property Ltd.

The purchase and sales of real estate specializing in luxury properties, as well as renovations and development.

  • Purchase and sales, reselling
  • Development

Design and Construction

ZEN Co., Ltd.

Design and construction company specializing in hotel renovations. Standing in the customers’ shoes in order to provide the best solutions.

  • Design and construction of lodging facilities such as hotels and inns
  • Design and construction of residences and commercial facilities
  • Design and production of original furniture and signs

Hotel Operations

With the launch of Ken Corporation’s own “Premium Hotel TSUBAKI” brand, the company owns and operates multiple brands of renowned hotel chain franchises globally. Domestic hotels are located from Hokkaido to Okinawa, with overseas premium hotels in Guam and Saipan.

  • Hotel ownership and management
  • Hotel asset/property management

Trend Generating Media

Shibuya Television Co., Ltd.

A comprehensive entertainment company operating 10 street monitors in Shibuya, the heart of trends.

  • Digital Signage
  • Advertising Agency
  • Event Planning
  • Live Music Venue
  • Photography Services
  • Total Dog Service

Media Entertainment

Ken Media Inc.

As a wholesale agent for character products and rental video software , Ken Media partners with such stores as bookstores, rental DVD stores, and hobby shops nationwide. The company also handles planning and production of character products and video software .

  • Character product and Video software wholesale
  • Planning and production of character products and video software


Premier Beauty and SPA, Ltd

In addition to the operation of several domestic and overseas esthetic salons and beauty schools, Premier Beauty & Spa sells their own original brand of beauty products.

  • Esthetic salon operations (ayualam link, salada, etc)
  • School operations (esthetics, aroma, nails)
  • Planning and retail of make up and beauty devices (recopro,FORMA, etc)