Firm Name Ken Corporation Ltd.
Address Postal Code: 106-8640, 1-2-7, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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Date Established December 1972
Capital 513.76million yen
License Real Estate License / Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (8) 4372
Type Ⅱ Financial Instruments Business / Director General of Kanto Finance Bureau 1279
Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise / Commisioner of Financial Supervisory Agency, Minister of Constraction 30
Security Service / Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission 30004159
Banking Resona Bank, Ltd./Mizuho Bank,Ltd./Hokuriku Bank,Ltd./Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation/The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd./MUFG Bank, Ltd./etc.
Members of the Board, Auditors Chairman : Shigeru Sato
President : Kengo Nakagawa
Managing Director : Ryuichi Murai
Managing Director : Takashi Ito
Managing Director : Tsuyoshi Tamura
Managing Director : Toshiyuki Koizumi
Managing Director : Tatsuo Kobayashi
Director and Managing Executive Officer :Tomoaki Yoshida
Director and Managing Executive Officer :Shinsuke Tanaka
Director (Part-time) : Yasuko Tanaka
Auditor (Full-time) : Nobuyuki Matsuyama
Auditor (Part-time) : Tomoko Takata
Corporate Officers Managing Executive Officer : Abi Kondo
Managing Executive Officer : Toshihiro Hamada
Managing Executive Officer : Motoo Kobayashi
Managing Executive Officer : Kazuyori Takayama
Managing Executive Officer : Wataru Tsunokake
Managing Executive Officer : Junichiro Koyama
Executive Officer : Koji Mizutani
Executive Officer : Tomonori Shimakage
Executive Officer : Ryo Hoshino
Executive Officer : Masashi Inamura
Executive Officer : Daigo Matsubara
Numbers of Employees 607(as of April 2022)
Business Domain
  • Brokerage of real estate residential properties
  • Brokerage of real estate office properties
  • Buying and selling of highest grade real estate properties
  • Whole consulting about real estate planning and management
  • Buying and selling, brokerage of beneficial interests in trust investment
Member of The Metropolitan area Real Estate Fair Trade Council
The Association of Real Estate Agents of Japan
Type Ⅱ Financial Instruments Firms Association
Tokyo Building Owners and Managers Association
Japan Property Management Association
Affiliate Company Ken Real Estate Lease Ltd.
Ken Real Estate Investment Advisors Ltd.
R.A. Asset Management Inc.
Ken Lease Guarantor Service Co. Ltd.
KN property Ltd.
ZEN Co., Ltd.
Shibuya Television Co., Ltd.
Ken Media Inc.