Tokyo Station Area (GINZA/NIHONBASHI/Bay Area)

Tokyo Station vicinity / Bay Area are where you can live with great access to the central Tokyo and its growing history.

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The address surrounding the Tokyo station such as Otemachi, Nihombashi, Marunouchi is mostly finance business area similar to the Wall Street in New York City, hence there rarely have built apartments building. About 500m west from the Station, there is the Imperial Palace, surrounded by wide moats construct with massive stone walls decorated by beautiful cherry trees. The northwest side of the Palace is known as Bancho, where upper classes traditionally prefer to live for calm and educational environment.
Ginza, the fashion and the luxury street for upper class, is located southeast from the Station. Because it is commercial zone, there are not many residential buildings. Recently, people work around the Tokyo station dwell in newly developed Bay Area, where major developers built modern high-rise apartment buildings using the latest high technology, with scenery of waterfront. With major sports event planned in 2020, this area has sports parks and useful facilities such as shopping centers.

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Bancho/Yasukuni Shrine

写真:Yasukuni Shrine
Yasukuni Shrine

The north and west of the Imperial Palace, Bancho area once was a residential area for Daimyo, feudal lord of Shogun. Traditional upper class likes to live here, for its educational environment, and because of that, quality and price of apartment is very high. In spring, full blossom of cherry planted around moats is simply overwhelming. With rising trend of health-conscious, people gather and jog around the Palace, too.
The beautiful British Embassy Tokyo is located here, too.
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●Major Stations

Koujimachi sta. (Yuurakcho line) / Hanzomon sta. (Hanzomon line) ) / Ichigaya sta. (JR Soubu line, Yurakucho line and Namboku line) / Iidabashi sta. (JR Soubu line and Tozai line) / Kudanshita sta. (Tozai line and Hanzomon line)

写真:Cherry blossom around Chidorigfuchi Park in spring
Cherry blossom around Chidorigafuchi Park in spring
写真:Luxurious condominiums and apartments surrounding Chidorigafuchi
Luxurious condominiums and apartments surrounding Chidorigafuchi
写真:Street of Bancho, where gather local Japanese family for high level public education
Street of Bancho, where gather local Japanese family for high level public education


写真:Street of Ginza
Street of Ginza

Historically known as shopping and craftsmen area, Ginza/Nihombashi/Kanda is city area with well blocked streets that may be familiar with westerners. Because of its characteristics, there are no houses but apartment buildings to live. Most of apartments are 1 bedroom style with about 10 floors, yet recently, large-scale high-rise apartments have been built to satisfy rising needs to live nearby Tokyo Station. Nihombashi area, the home ground of Mitsui group is now under redevelopment, to revitalize area while appreciating historical value of the section. North of Kanda, there is Akihabara, the center of electronics and otaku cultures in Japan.

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●Major Stations

Tokyo sta. (JR lines and Marunouchi line) / Ginza sta. (Ginza line, Marunouchi line and Hibiya line) / Nihombashi sta. (Ginza line and Tozai line)


Bay Area (Tsukishima/Harumi/Toyosu)

写真:Tsukishima & Sumida River
Tsukishima & Sumida River

The Bay area of Tokyo is an area of man-made islands located in Chuo and Koto districts. They were factory and storage area in early 20th century, but the government decided to convert them to residential area to create new and modern town that appreciate view and nature of Tokyo bay. For example, residential developments at Tsukishima (River City 21) have been undertaken since late 1980’s, and in 21st century, many high-rise apartments have been built in Kachidoki area. Nowadays, famous developers such as Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Mitsui and others built their branded apartments series in Toyosu and Ariake area.

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●Major Stations

Kachidoki sta. (Oedo line) / Tsukishima sta. (Yurakucho line and Oedo line) / Toyosu sta. (Yurakucho line)


Tokyo living information

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