Located on hilly terrains around south-west Yamanote Line, Shibuya ward & vicinity is the most pop and fashionable area in Tokyo for both business and living. With 9 railway routes that even accesses Yokohama in 35 min. and enthusiastic atmosphere cultivated by youth culture, the Shibuya district is very popular for both Japanese and foreigners.

写真:Central Area – Shibuya

While neighborhood of Shibuya station is very busy business-commercial area as seen at Shibuya crossing, the district actually have several quiet residential zone just behind main streets.
Also, there is a huge park in this district, called Yoyogi Koen park, located in west of Omotesando street. Luxury residential zones are Daikanyama, Shoto, and Yoyogi-Uehara, where local celebrity and wealthy built homes.

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写真:Omotesando street
Omotesando street

Fashion and the fashionable define the area. Aoyama boasts an avenue of boutiques and locations for designer’s offices and globally affiliate enterprises. Omotesando is where the high-quality name-brand stores converge, along with sterling, uniquely designed restaurants covering gamut of culinary tastes. The Omotesando Hills mall extends the variety along avenues famous for celebrity photo shoots. Adjacent Harajuku teems with teens that define the eclectic fashion modes.
Recently, many large tower buildings have been built around Shibuya station such as Shibuya Stream and Shibuya Scramble Sqare.

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●Major Stations

Shibuya sta. (JR Yamanote line, Ginza line, Fukutoshin line, Inokashira line, and Tokyu lines) / Omotesando sta. (Ginza and Hazoumon lines) / JR Harajuku sta. and Meiji-jingumae sta. (JR Yamanote line and Chiyoda line))

写真:Ginkgo street of Meijijingu Gaien
Ginkgo street of Meijijingu Gaien
写真:the Omotesando Hills
the Omotesando Hills

Shoto/Yoyogi Uehara/Komaba

写真:Grosvernor Place by the Yoyogi Park
Grosvernor Place by the Yoyogi Park

Located on west from Shibuya station, Shoto is small but gorgeous high class residential area. The area is mostly designated as Category 1 low-rise exclusive residential districts, and it comprises a quiet area of upscale residences. A classy ambience defines a residential area in, and to the west of, Yoyogi, that remains attractive to high-income residents.
The huge Yoyogi Park served as the athlete’s Olympic Village during the Games of the XVIII Olympiad in 1964. From swimming pool and tennis courts, to ice skating rink and recreational facilities, the general public continues to benefit (especially at reasonable fees).

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●Major Stations

Shibuya sta. (JR Yamanote line, Ginza line, Fukutoshin line, Inokashira line, and Tokyu lines) / Yoyogi Koen and Yoyogiuehara sta.(Fukutoshin line)

写真:the Yoyogi Park
the Yoyogi Park
写真:the Komaba Park
the Komaba Park
写真:Tokyo University Komaba Campus
Tokyo University Komaba Campus


写真:Yebisu Garden Place
Yebisu Garden Place

Located south and southwest from the Shibuya station, Daikanyama (Aobadai) is home to embassies and stylish restaurants. It remains a dynamic, yet intimate, location of popular boutiques and cafes, reflecting a chic redevelopment on the west side of Daikanyama Station. Just 600m east from Daikanyama, Ebisu is very popular area, nominated as the first desirable place to live by survey conducted by Recruit Sumai Company Ltd.in 2016. Yebisu Breweries is where Ebisu derives its name, with the popular Yebisu Garden Place having opened in October1994, offering stores, restaurants, a concert venue, a major hotel and business offices bordering an expansive tiled, gardened open air plaza. South from Daikanyama and Ebisu, there is Nakameguro, where Toyoko Line and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line connect. Nakameguro is popular place for local Japanese to live, with small but prosperous shopping street and most of all, full cherry blossom along Meguro River in spring.

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●Major Stations

Ebisu sta. (JR Yamanote line and Hibiya line) / Daikanyama sta. (Toyoko line)

写真:Tsutaya bookstore in Daikanyama
Tsutaya bookstore in Daikanyama
写真:the Daikanyama Address
the Daikanyama Address
写真:Yebisu Garden Place
Yebisu Garden Place

Tokyo living information

写真:International School of the Sacred Heart

International School of the Sacred Heart

4-3-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0012
Tel : +81-(0)3-3400-3951

写真:British School in Tokyo

British School in Tokyo

1-21-18 Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0002
Tel : +81-(0)3-5467-4321

写真:KAIS International School

KAIS International School

2-7-16 Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021
Tel : +81-(0)3-5421-0127

写真:Jingumae International Exchange School

Jingumae International Exchange School

4-20-12 Jingumae Shibuya-ku 150-0001 Tokyo
Tel : +81-(0)3-5413-6090

Tel : 03-5467-4321

Tel : 03-3446-1540

Tel : 03-3400-3951

Tel : 03-3400-3951

Tel : 03-5791-2105

Tel : 03-5485-1197

Tel : 03-5478-6714

Tel : 03-3404-3468

Tel : 03-5413-6090

Tel : 03-6434-9689

Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital

2-34-10 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013,
Tel : 03-3444-1181

Japanese Red Cross Medical Center

4-1-22 Hiroo, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-3400-1311

1-11-7 Mita, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-3713-2141

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