Having the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office and skyscraper office building sector, Shinjuku ward is known as the busiest city of Japan.

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The Shinjuku station gathers over 3million people passengers daily that is close to population of Yokohama city. While the vicinity of Shinjuku station is lively and congested, surrounding area is relatively calm. The area of Shinjuku ward is wide to the east from the Station and hilly. Its east side reaches to outer moat of the Imperial Palace. Because French School once is located near to Iidabashi station, French expat families tend to live in this area. Nowadays, French school moved to Takinogawa where is north from Bunkyo ward, still this area is preferred by them.

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Yotusya/Ichigaya/Bunkyou ward


Along the JR Chuo Line that connects Tokyo station and Shinjuku station, Yotsuya and Ichigaya has been locations where French expat families tend to live. Sotobori Koen, the Geihinkan (state Guest House), prestigious university campus define the essence of these area. Not surprisingly, so much of historic importance took place here, and the various extant structures provide wonderful testimony. The Yotsuya area, for example, provides residents a neighborly stroll around the Imperial grounds, taking in the captivating changes of the seasons.
Lycée français international de Tokyo (LFIT) used be located here, but now they move to more norths from this area.
North of Yotsuya and Ichigaya, there is Bunkyo ward where have been academic and calm residential area since the Meiji era.

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●Major Stations

Yotsuya sta. (JR Soubu line) / Ichigaya sta. (JR Soubu line) / Iidabashi sta. (JR Soubu line)

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Rikugien Park
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An image of Bunkyou ward



Located along the northwest of Yamanote Line, the area between Shinjuku and Ikebukuro has been commercial and business area.
Recently, construction of high-grade and high-rise apartment is a rush, like skyscraper La-tour series by Sumitomo Realities and Comfolia Shinjuku Eastside Tower by Tokyu. Most apartments in this area is new and modern, yet, there are not many classical large size house/apartments (like over 120sqm). In Mejiro, there is a house complex named after Tokugawa families that is a rare over 200sqm houses. Ikebukuro is a terminal station as the entrance of Saitama prefecture, and as like Shinjuku area, there are a few large expat residences.

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●Major Stations

Shinjuku sta. (JR lines, the metro lines, and more) / Takadanobaba sta. (JR Yamanote line) / Ikebukuro sta. (JR Yamanote line)

Tokyo living information

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New International School

3-18-32 Minami-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo 171-0022
Tel : +81-(0)3-3980-1057

Tel : 03-3980-1057

Tokyo Medical University Hospital

6-7-1 Nishshinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-3342-6111

5-1 Tsukudo-Cho, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-3269-8111

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