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The areas not described in this area guides rarely have expat rental residences we handle. They are mostly local Japanese residents’ area, with smaller house and apartments.

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North area (Kita, Itabashi, others)

Lycée Français International de Tokyo (LFIT) is located here. For French families who would live near to the school, possible choices are only two apartments, Park Axis Takinogawa La Brise or West Park Tower Ikebukuro.

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East area (Ueno/Taito/others)

Although Ueno and its surrounding area are popular for sightseeing, this old and traditional neighborhood does not have s/houses for rent. Recently, new but small apartments have been provided by major developers.

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South area(Ota, southern Shinagawa)

Eastside of Ota ward and southern Shinagawa is more to industrial zone, with Haneda Airport and factory zone along seashore. Its hillside is residential area equipped with western country made laundry and kitchen facilities.

South area(Ota, southern Shinagawa)

Tokyo living information

Lycee Franco-Japonais de Tokyo

5-57-37 Takinogawa Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0023
Tel : +81 (0)3-6823-6580

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Aoba Japan International School

7-5-1 Hikarigaoka, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 179-0072
Tel : +081-(0)3-6904-3102

Tel : 03-3642-9993

Tel : 03-3635-7850

Tel : 0424-71-0022

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