We not only provide information about properties that match the terms of your request; we also provide services to help you find a property where you may enjoy an affluent lifestyle in Japan.

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Before we show you any properties, we always gain a deep understanding of what you would like from your life in Japan. Naturally, we bear in mind your wishes for a property, but we also show you the properties that are best suited to you in terms of the convenience of your commute to work, the safety of your children's commute to school, neighborhood shops and everyday services. When you move into a property, we also provide a range of support services as needed to allow you to enjoy your new life in comfort.
Through providing information about properties, we coordinate the high-quality lifestyle sought by affluent foreign residents.

An example of support when moving into a property

Public utilities On your behalf, we telephone the Tokyo Power Company and other utilities to arrange the start of services.
Internet We assist with the connection by introducing you to English-speaking service providers.

We also offer a range of services so that customers can make their own decisions about the most suitable property.

  • To understand the special features of a property and to draw comparisons from a range of perspectives, we document the property, noting as much detailed information as possible, and we provide photographs of the interior and exterior.
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  • Customers who view our properties receive the KEN TOKYO GUIDE, an informational leaflet with information about schools and life in Tokyo, as well as a copy of the KEN TOKYO MAP, the English version of a Tokyo map specifically for the property search.
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  • In order to take you to suitable properties, we have a range of vehicles on hand, including sedans, mini vans, or luxury cars. We also have children's car seats available so that you can bring young children to the viewings. (Please reserve in advance.)
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