LET'S ODEKAKE10 Splash Pads to Cool Off in and around Tokyo with Kids


The rainy season of this year was the shortest on record, and temperatures of nearly 40 degrees were recorded, even though June. Brace yourselves as it looks like we are in for a long and hot summer. Going outside proves rather difficult in Tokyo's scorching daytime heat, so many people prefer to take their kids out in the evenings for a twilight play. If you want to get outdoors during the daytime, we recommend trying out some of Tokyo's many splash pads, known as “jabu jabu” in Japanese. They are free and found all over the city. Here are 10 splash pads we recommend.

1. Asukayama Park, Kita-ku

park photo

Asukayama Park not only has a great splash pad but it also houses several museums and an excellent playground. The playground features two real-life old trains that kids can enter inside of, and there is a sizeable grassy area. The playground is divided into a younger kids area and an older kids area complete with a giant castle with slides - chaotic but fun.

The jabu jabu is located beneath the playground area and has a central fountain area along with a river and waterfall that kids can climb on and play in. The good thing about this splash pad is that it's nice and shady in the river section so you will not get too hot.

There are toilets and vending machines and a small shop selling ice creams but there is no dedicated changing room.

Asukayama Park, Kita-ku

Dates open: Now until September 11
Times open: 10am - 4pm
Get there: 2 minutes walk from Oji Station

2. Kyodo-no-mori, Fuchu

park photo
Photo credits:Fuchu City Kyodo-no-Mori Museum(府中市郷土の森博物館)

This park is famous for hydrangea viewing in Spring, but it is great in summer for its splash pad as well. Not only that, the park also houses an open air museum showcasing traditional Japanese housing as well as a small indoor museum.

The splash pad is next to a large grassy area where you can spread your towels and have a picnic, and there is a shop selling drinks and snacks nearby. The splash pad is large and has waterfalls and best of all - is filled with thousands of rainbow balls. So much fun for kids!

Kyodo-no-mori, Fuchu

Dates open: Now through September
Times open: 9am - 5pm
Get there: 20 minutes walk or 10 minutes bus from Fuchu Station

3. Toneri Koen, Adachi-ku

park photo

Toneri Koen is an enormous park where you can spend all day. It is accessible via the Nippori-Toneri Liner, so it is a little out of the way, but totally worth it. There are many large grassy fields to sit on, a sledding hill, an older playground, a large pond and since 2022, a huge new playground structure with inventive slides, tunnels and more. This is a park that kids of all ages will enjoy. In summer they have a jabu jabu with fountains, a waterfall and even a small waterslide. It gets quite busy but it's great fun.

There are bathrooms but no changing rooms, and there is a café next to the park. There is a cookie shop nearby called “Heaven's Dough Cookies” that comes highly recommended by Americans too.

Toneri Koen, Adachi-ku

Dates open: Now until September 1
Times open: 10am - 12pm, 1pm - 4pm
Get there: 2 minutes walk from Toneri-Koen Station

4. Ukima Park, Kita-ku

park photo

Ukima Park is centered around a large pond with a Dutch style windmill. There is a tulip display along with other seasonal flowers. It's a large park with plenty of room to picnic. The splash pad has a fairly big pool area along with some small fountains, and it is right next to a café where you can sit and sip a cool drink after a swim.

There is also a playground in the park, but if you cross to the other side of Ukima Funado Station, you will find a much nicer playground.

Ukima Park, Kita-ku

Dates open: July 15 until August 31
Times open: 10am - 4pm
Get there: 2 minutes walk from Ukima-Funado Station

5. Oyokogawa Shinsui Park, Sumida-ku

park photo

Oyokogawa Water Park is a long and meandering water area that follows the river waterway 1.8km from Tokyo Sky Tree towards Kinshicho Station. There are various grassy areas, playgrounds and water features along the way. There are rocky waterfalls to climb on, rock lilypads to jump across, shallow pools to wade in, as well as a fun roller slide near the Sky Tree end of the river.

Oyokogawa Shinsui Park, Sumida-ku

Dates open: All summer
Times open: -
Get there: 15 minutes walk from Kinshicho Station or 5 minutes from Honjo-Azumabashi Station

6. Komatsugawa Sakaigawa Water Park, Edogawa-ku

park photo

Komatsugawa Sakaigawa Water Park is another splash pad area which takes the form of a stream. It flows north to south through Edogawa Ward and the entire park is almost 4km. There are various spots along the stream where kids can splash, swim and play. The stream is nicely shaded so you can keep cool, although we recommend bringing insect repellent.

While walking along the river path, you will come across various shrines, temples and kids playgrounds to entertain you. Edogawa Ward has many of these waterways that contain splash pad areas and play areas, so it is an excellent place to explore with your kids.

Komatsugawa Sakaigawa Water Park, Edogawa-ku

Dates open: All summer
Times open: -
Get there: 10 minutes walk from Shin-Koiwa Station

7. Shinjuku Central Park, Shinjuku-ku

park photo

Shinjuku is one of the busiest places in Japan, and thus Shinjuku Central Park was planned in 1960 as an oasis in the middle of the city. It is 88,000 m² and comprises of three areas - the east area with sports facilities, the west area with a kids playground and splash pad, and the north area with a lawn and forest. There are toilet facilities and a shop selling snacks.

The jabu jabu itself is good for refreshment, and the main selling points for this park are size, convenience and the excellent playground near to the pool.

Oyokogawa Shinsui Park, Sumida-ku

Dates open: -
Times open: 10am - 4pm
Get there: 10 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station

8. Tenno Park, Arakawa-ku

park photo

Tenno Park is a nice park in the Shitamachi area of Tokyo. It has a playground with a roller slide, along with a splash pad featuring a river which kids can climb in and explore, along with a large waterfall cave. It's a casual area where people have picnics and sunbathing is not frowned upon.

It is located in a pretty suburban area and there are no shops at the park, but it is a peaceful and quiet park where you can relax and the jabu jabu is very large and fun.

Tenno Park, Arakawa-ku

Dates open: -
Times open: -
Get there: 10 minutes walk from Minami-Senju Station

9. Shimizuzaka Park, Kita-ku

park photo

Shimizuzaka Park is a little bit far from the train station, but it is definitely worth going out of your way for. The park has a small playground, small field and small museum, but the highlight is definitely the splash pad area. The water runs down from the top of the hill, making river rapids and waterfalls on its way down. If you follow the river as it flows, you will end up in a large pool area at the bottom. There are shallow spots for small kids and deeper spots for bigger kids.

We recommend combining a trip here with the Jujo shopping street where you can find traditional Japanese crafts and foods and take a trip back to the Showa era.

Shimizuzaka Park, Kita-ku

Dates open: Now until September 11
Times open: 10am - 4pm
Get there: 10-15 minutes walk from Higashi-Jujo or Jujo Station

10. Rinshi-no-mori Park, Meguro-ku

park photo

Rinshi no Mori is a huge park featuring dense forests filled with a variety of trees and wildlife. People come here to do birdwatching, walking or catch insects in summer. There are two playgrounds, one for little kids and one for older kids.

The highlight in this hot season is definitely the splash area, which has a river to wade in and a deeper area for getting properly wet. It is fully shaded and we recommend bringing insect repellent.

Rinshi-no-mori Park, Meguro-ku

Dates open: Now until August 31
Times open: 10am - 3pm
Get there: 10 minutes walk from Musashi-Koyama Station

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