ODEKAKE means not only going out, but also shopping, day trips, sightseeing, excursions, and other activities that are a little more fun and exciting than usual.
Here is a guide to recommended ODEKAKE spots in Tokyo and the suburbs of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

6 of Tthe Best Restaurants and Cafes in Yokohama
    Tokyo has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world, but it is not the only place in Japan where you can dine out to your heart's content and never try everything. Yokohama is Japan's second biggest city and a dining mecca all of its own. We will introduce six of the best restaurants and cafes in the Yokohama area for you to get started on your culinary explorations with.


The Best Hydrangea Flower Spots Near Tokyo
    June in Tokyo is the rainy season. This means that it is cloudy, dreary and going outside is not always pleasant. Luckily, Japan is a country of flowers, and June is no exception. In June the hydrangeas bloom, and there are many places where you can see hundreds of thousands of these colourful plants against the fresh green backdrop of spring. Here are some of the best spots near Tokyo to visit for hydrangeas.


Sporting Groups to Join in Tokyo
    Looking to get fit and active, or keep in shape in your new life in Japan? Or simply looking for a way to make new friends? Joining a sport is a great way to maintain your fitness and expand your social group. Here are five sporting groups that are expat friendly that you might be interested in joining.


5 Day Trips from Tokyo to See the Sakura
    March means it's cherry blossom time, so get your picnic baskets and blankets ready for hanami (cherry blossom viewing picnics). This article will list five of the best day trips from Tokyo to see the sakura.


Five of the Best Parks for Families around Tokyo
    When you are making the move to Tokyo with kids, having a good outdoor space to play in is very important. Most people in central Tokyo don’t have their own big garden, so public parks play a big role in entertaining children. This article will recommend five of the best parks around Tokyo.


Celebrating Japanese Traditions in Tokyo - Visiting the first Shrine or Temple for the Year
    Wherever you go in Japan, you can almost always find a shrine or temple nearby. Despite this, Japanese people are fairly casual about religion and tend to practice a mix of Buddhism and Shintoism. There is one religious tradition that almost everyone in the country participates in however - "hatsumode".