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A central area in downtown Tokyo, Ginza is a bustling shopping and business district with a long history. It is home to long-standing department stores, luxury brand stores, and other shops, as well as flagship stores for cosmetics companies and clothing labels.
By establishing an office in this trend-conscious area, you can ensure a positive image for your company.
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Roppongi is a hub for numerous globally active IT and financial service companies, including Google, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse, which are clustered particularly at RoppongiHills and Tokyo Midtown —two large multiplex facilities that include office towers, shopping facilities, hotels, museums, and other cultural venues. Many different countries have their embassies in this area, and numerous foreign residents can be found here.
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Shibuya is a commercial and business area highly popular among the younger set, and it goes by the nickname "Bit Valley" for its numerous IT-related companies. A diverse array of companies have offices here, from major Japanese operators of online services like mixi and DeNA to newly established IT venture companies. Furthermore, the area around Shibuya Station in the heart of Shibuya has undergone massive redevelopment over the past two-to-three years, becoming more amenable to new development with comprehensive public transit facilities.
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This area exudes a fashionable, sophisticated image and is highly popular among globally famous clothing, IT, advertising, and design companies, including Gucci and LVMH. Popular shopping complexes like Omotesando Hills and Laforet Harajuku are located along its main street, while the side streets are home to trendy cafés, variety stores, and even affluent residential districts —giving the district a balanced composition of clothing, food, and housing.
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Shinjuku is home to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, a high-rise district, and one of the country's top shopping districts. Various office buildings big and small, department stores, and other shopping complexes are clustered around Shinjuku Station, which has the world's largest daily volume of travelers according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Numerous parks and leisure spots can also be found nearby, including Shinjuku Central Park and Shinjuku Imperial Garden. There is also no shortage of foreign-owned companies, which have been attracted to Shinjuku for many years and become a familiar sight in Japan.
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Shinagawa Station, one of the stops on the Tokai Shinkansen line, offers easy access to Kyoto, Osaka, and other destinations in the Kansai region. Travelers can get directly to Narita Airport without the need for transfers, and Haneda Airport -the main airport in the Greater Tokyo region -is just 15 minutes away. It's easy for people to get around in Shinagawa, and the area is distinctive for its many shipping and engineering companies thanks to its convenient air travel and cargo facilities. It also has an office district where Sony, Canon Marketing Japan, and other major corporations have their headquarters, yet it remains attractive for its low lease rates compared with other nearby parts of Tokyo.
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Tokyo Station

写真:Tokyo Station

The area around Tokyo Station is Japan's financial and banking heartland. It invites comparison with the City in England and Wall Street in the US. Companies located in Marunouchi on the imperial palace side include Mitsubishi Corporation, Bloomberg, and Nomura Securities; on the east side, Nihonbashi and Kyobashi are Tokyo's financial center, and around Kabuto-cho(the Tokyo Stock-Exchange), you can find the Bank of Japan, JP Morgan, and other financial companies. It is an ideal place for prestigious companies -financial, banking, and insurance companies in particular -to expand their business. It also boasts Japan's highest property values.
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Yokohama has the second-largest municipal population in Japan, after Tokyo. Yokohama Minatomirai21 is the city's central business and shopping district. Yokohama offers convenient transportation access, with Tokyo's major spots reachable within about 30 minutes. No small number of major corporations has their headquarters here, including JGC Corporation and Chiyoda Corporation. Nissan Motor Company recently moved their headquarters to Minatomirai, and Apple has established both offices and an R&D center here. There are plenty of parks and schools in the area, as well as numerous German companies.
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