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Proud Seta 1-chome

Area : St.Mary's & Seisen / Fukasawa / Futakotamagwa
Denen-chofu / Tamagawa River side

Completion Date: 2020-March

Availability (1)

Kara Blanc

Area : Azabu / Hiroo

Completion Date: 2007-September

Availability (1)

Hiroo Hiltop Gardens

Hiroo Hilltop Gardens is a luxury apartment building conveniently located within easy reach of trendy shopping and restaurants in the upscale Hiroo residential district.

Area : Azabu / Hiroo

Completion Date: 2006-February

Availability (1)

The Meguro Sakura Residence

Area : Toyoko Line / Jiyugaoka / Sangen-Jaya

Completion Date: 2005-October

Availability (1)

Green Core Daizawa

Area : Keio-Line / Odakyu Line / Seijo

Completion Date: 2002-May

Availability (1)

Grace Minami-azabu

4 story low rise rental apartment with grand scale layout for each unit, maintained by KEN. Free parking (1 parking slot for 1 car) and free external storage available. Spacious floor plans from 130wqm with 2 bedroom type to 200sqm with 4 bedroom.

Area : Azabu / Hiroo

Completion Date: 1988-March

Availability (1)

Palais Royal Shoto

Area : Shoto / Yoyogi Uehara / Komaba

Completion Date: 1987-January

Availability (1)

Garden House Kohinata B

Area : Yotusya / Ichigaya / Bunkyou ward

Completion Date: 1985-October

Availability (1)

Homat West

Area : Roppongi / Akasaka / Toranomon

Completion Date: 1970-July

Availability (1)