Tokyo apartments for rent and house rental listings and information especially for expatriates, provided by KEN.

KEN's Works

Calling on Our extensive experience in the needs of expats,
Ken Corporation has designed highly unique properties that combine outstanding functionality
with unmatched design and comfort levels to offer an exclusive lifestyle.


Area : Denen-chofu / Tamagawa River side

Completion Date: 2018-February

Availability (2)

Diarence Fukasawa

Six townhouses facing a row of cherry blossom trees.
A fusion of functionality geared toward expats with traditional Japanese living style.

Area : St.Mary's & Seisen / Fukasawa / Futakotamagwa

Completion Date: 2009-March

Availability (1)

Walk Akasaka

Area : Roppongi / Akasaka / Toranomon

Completion Date: 2004-November

Availability (1)

Soarer Novum Yoyogi-uehara

A low-rise apartment complex with a modern, black and white exterior.

Area : Shoto / Yoyogi Uehara / Komaba

Completion Date: 2004-February

Availability (1)

Diarence Chojamaru B

A compound made up of five buildings that were previously individual residences. The lush green grounds and private terraces provide relaxation.

Area : Daikanyama / Ebisu

Completion Date: 1998-June

Availability (1)

Garden Hachiyama

An eight-building compound that is rare in the inner city; home to expatriate families.

Area : Daikanyama / Ebisu

Completion Date: 1997-March

Availability (1)

Azabu Sendaizaka Hills

Area : Azabu / Hiroo

Completion Date: 1991-June

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