Tokyo apartments for rent and house rental listings and information especially for expatriates, provided by KEN.


There are a lot of things to think about when moving to a new country.
Serviced apartments would make your relocation easier. They are furnished and include utility fees.
All you need is your suitcase and you are ready to move in.
You can make use of them in various ways; short term use, temporary use while searching for a house,
or even moving among serviced apartments for a change of scene.
We will help you find the right place. Please feel free to contact us.


Owners’ trust lets us work together
to provide great apartments.

We can show you an array of typical
leading properties in Tokyo.

Exquisite Fusion of West and East
Ultimate legacy of luxury rental housing

3-5 bedroom apartment rent in Tokyo. Listed apartments are spacious; they are all over 100 square meter.


See Tokyo’s finest apartments.
Some are exclusive properties.

Listings of entrusted exclusive properties over 500,000 yen rent and more than 3 bedroom located in popular area.

Check properties from your home!


Great View Rooms in Skyscrapers