Special luxuary apartments

There are a lot of things to think about when moving to a new country.
Serviced apartments would make your relocation easier. They are furnished and include utility fees.
All you need is your suitcase and you are ready to move in.
You can make use of them in various ways; short term use, temporary use while searching for a house,
or even moving among serviced apartments for a change of scene.
We will help you find the right place. Please feel free to contact us.


See Tokyo’s finest houses for expats. Here's where you deserved to be.

Offering luxury apartments with a luxurious view in Tokyo's high-class residential areas.

Here are the leases that can be contracted only with Kencorp.

3-5 bedroom apartment rent in Tokyo. All listed apartments are with over 100 sqm.


There are properties just by popular sights and often placed within the landscape.

Property check in your room. Ideal for advance preparation before leaving for Japan.

Over 50sqm size and 5min. walk to nearest station. Great choice for single expats who works in Tokyo.

Fine Location

Tokyo's most cosmopolitan neighborhoods and high-grade apartment is popular choice in this area.

Highly preferred area by expats for its convenience to schools and foreigner-friendly atmosphere.

The area is a mix of youth culture, business district, and upscale residential neighborhoods.

Located next to Shibuya Sta. The town of sense of luxury that you will not find in any other city.

Traditional suburban upscale residential area created with the modernization of Japan.

Featured high-rise condos that tower over 20 floors in Shinjuku Area.