At KEN, we offer a wide variety of services, including the establishment of new offices, office expansion and cost reduction, personnel recruitment, personnel relocation for improving morale, and strategic centralization of isolated offices. Here are a few customer success stories.

写真:Company A : A U.S.-based logistics company
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Company A : A U.S.-based logistics company

Establishment of a new business center at an incubation office in a large office building

Company A was looking for a five-person office in Tokyo as a new business center for business expansion. It was also considering future personnel increase and improving the impression made on visitors, so it was hoping for a large office building with gender separated washrooms. We proposed an incubation office located inside a large office building in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, and we helped the company set up its new offices in Tokyo without any hitches.

写真:Company B : A U.S.-based event operator
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Company B : A U.S.-based event operator

Moving from temporary offices to improve convenience and reduce monthly costs

Company B had previously been operating out of a temporary four-employee office, but they wanted to move to a standard office due to the high frequency of client visits and operating costs. They also wanted to have their new office in a building above a certain standard level. We proposed an office building in one corner of a large-scale development district in Tokyo’s Minato Ward. The company was able to move into a more convenient office with lower monthly costs.

写真:Company C : A Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company
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Company C : A Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company

Combining offices into one floor of a large office building, improving business efficiency, and lowering costs

Company C, which had been using two floors of a medium-sized office building as its business center in Tokyo, but they had developed relocation plans that called for a larger office located on the same floor. In anticipation of future expansion of their global operations, we proposed a large office building in Chuo Ward, Tokyo that offered future expansion possibilities as their new location. In addition to improved business efficiency by merging their offices onto a single floor, they were also able to reduce costs.


Let us introduce some of service reviews by our clients who found office through us.

QSTO Communications

Established an office environment that readily enables interactions and exchanges that lead to the creation of new ideas.

SUNRISE Company Limited

Facilitated relocation to an office building on an elevated site in a popular area with a good view.

Universal Paper Co. Ltd.

Creation of an Office Matching the Corporate Brand Image.

Criteo S.A.

Facilitated Communications and Improved Operational Efficiency.