When you enlist KEN to assist your investment, and English-speaking agent will assist you through to the completion of the contract. Many of our staff are highly skilled in English through study abroad and are familiar with global business customs, in addition to Japanese business formalities.
We will work to help you as a supporter of your asset management.

Support by Specialists in Lease Evaluation

At investing to real estate, an investor must consider who the best partner is to maintain its value while attaining best yield. As member of the leading total real estate service for high-grade property in Tokyo, our agent team from various department will be the one for him.
For professional investors, our agents support them with Ken Corporation’s network of luxury listings and unique client database. Services include business income/expenditure to tenant mediation, as well as the formulation and launch of purchase /sale strategies. Let us explain how each department will support you.


We have 3 departments and 7 branch offices that recruit tenant, for residential and office use. Each of the 3 department has different specialty:

1. International Leasing Department

KEN is a pioneer in foreigner lease. Based on the largest force of salespeople in the industry and superbly good information about properties, KEN supplies the best living environment for all residents including those from foreign corporations, ambassadors and legations, government agencies and others. Based on this experience KEN produces reliable answers to clients detailed inquiries relating to planning and valuation of high-class residential lease properties in the city center and environs (including the Yokohama area).


2. Leasing Department

As a pioneer of lease agency KEN is used by people from all areas in the high grade lease agency field where it assists Japanese people seeking high level residential space; and KEN continues to maintain a top share in the industry. KEN offers rental property planning and assessments including lifestyle approaches showing why people with income continue to use leases rather than property purchase.

3. Office Leasing Department

As well as Japanese corporations KEN responds to foreign financed corporations, foreign delegations, government agencies and others with varied and constantly changing office needs. With office rental the market changes greatly within six months. KEN supplies extremely important client data. For residential lease and office lease, introductions are offered by the corporate sales division to principal contacts.


For management of property and leasing condition, we have Residential Property Management Dept. and Building Management Dept., which handle rent and repairs.
The RPMD offers residential management to single unit homes, condominiums, and entire apartment complex. Satisfying residents with service such as English speaking staff members, and 24/7, 365 day support, which in turn offer peace of mind to owners.
If you need property management support or subleasing partner, we have affiliated professionals in our group as well.


If you need strategic partners to develop/renovate property in Tokyo, we have the Planning Department. Our planning strength lies in the ability to identify properties in metropolitan areas that have the potential to attract customers on long term basis. We boast a vast amount of data accumulated from the company’s long from of research and analysis in various areas, as well as client-related information. The data is leveraged to provide business owners with comprehensive real estate solutions from product concept, business planning, design, facilities and operational management.

Affiliated Professional Support