International School in Tokyo

Education & International Schools

When choosing a place to live, it is also very important to consider where your child will attend school. At Ken Corporation, we have supported many cases where our clients' children attend international schools. We have a long standing relationship with each of the international schools, as the school teachers find their homes through our service. In this section, we will ask people from each international school to tell us about the school and its features.

Nishimachi International School

When Tané Matsukata, the granddaughter of a former Japanese prime minister, returned to Tokyo after living in America for 17 years, she saw the devastation World War II had caused and sought a better future that would ensure more global harmony and peace.

Foundation for Success - Nishimachi International School

The American School in Japan

In 1902, a group of mothers came together in Kanda to create a school. These highly educated women, college graduates in Japan as missionaries, wanted to provide a quality learning environment for their children. Starting with about 100 students, the school quickly grew.

Chofu-shi & Minato-ku, Room to Grow - The American School in Japan

The British School in Tokyo

A truly international school with over 1,100 students from around 65 countries, The British School in Tokyo (BST) is a unique educational facility with a curriculum that focuses on bringing the best out of all children, state-of-the-art classrooms and more than 130 clubs and activities.

Shibuya & Setagaya, Delivers hands-on learning in central - The British School in Tokyo

Tokyo International School

An important characteristic of TIS is the importance we place on a sensible, casual atmosphere. For example, everyone—including the Japanese staff—addresses one another by first name. Another is the close interaction between teachers and students in a learning environment that makes it easy for students to ask for help.

Sensible, Casual Education - Tokyo International School