Tokyo Area Guide

Tokyo is a big city, yet many expats live and work in certain locations.
We classify them in six areas: Central Area- Minato, Central Area- Shibuya, Tokyo Station vicinity / Bay Area,
South Suburb (Meguro / Setagaya), Shinjuku and surroundings, West Tokyo, and the others.
Each area has unique characteristics and features. Let us explain them in detail.

Central Area - Minato

写真:Central Area - Minato

Minato ward & vicinity is most popular area for expats and foreign people to live in Tokyo, with more than 20,000 foreigners registered residency here.
It may be because many major countries locate embassy here, including the United States, France, Germany, Russia, and others. The Tokyo American Club, the international exchange organization for executives, is located west from the Tokyo Tower, too.

Areas Included:
Azabu / Hiroo, Roppongi/Akasaka/Toranomon, Shirokane/Takanawa, Shimbashi/Shinagawa/Bayshore

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Central Area - Shibuya

写真:Central Area - Shibuya

Located on hilly terrains around south-west Yamanote Line, Shibuya ward & vicinity is the most pop and fashionable area in Tokyo for both business and living. With 9 railway routes that even accesses Yokohama in 35min. and enthusiastic atmosphere cultivated by youth culture, the Shibuya district is very popular for both Japanese and foreigners. While neighborhood of Shibuya station is very busy business-commercial area as seen at Shibuya crossing, the district actually have several quiet residential zone just behind main streets.

Areas Included:
Shibuya/Aoyama/Omotesando, Shoto/Yoyogi Uehara/Komaba, Daikanyama/Ebisu

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Tokyo Station vicinity / Bay Area

写真:Tokyo Station vicinity / Bay Area

Tokyo Station vicinity / Bay Area are where you can live with great access to the center of Tokyo and its growing history. The address surrounding the Tokyo station such as Otemachi, Nihombashi, Marunouchi is mostly finance business area similar to the Wall Street of New York City, hence there rarely have built apartments building. About 500m west from the Station, there is the Imperial Palace, surrounded by wide moats with massive stone walls decorated by beautiful cherry trees. The northwest side of the Palace is known as Bancho, where upper classes traditionally prefer to live for calm and educational environment.

Areas Included:
Bancho/Yasukuni Shrine, Ginza/Nihonbashi/Kanda, Bay Area (Tsukishima/Harumi/Toyosu)

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South Suburb (Meguro/Setagaya)

写真:South Suburb(Meguro/Setagaya)

Located in south and west of circular Yamanote Line, Meguro and Setagaya is major suburb area where private railways operated by Tokyu Corporation, also known as the one of the top developer of Japan, run all over. For examples, Denen-chofu and Jiyugaoka of Toyoko-Line, preferred by German speaking residents because of school bus route, are counted as the most famous town in Japan.
Setagaya is the 2nd largest and the most populated within Tokyo 23 ward, and is commuter town for businessperson who works in central Tokyo. With tremendous Komazawa Olympic Park and three international schools (Seisen International, St.Mary’s, and British School Tokyo Showa Campus), this area is popular for expats family who love to live by settled residential area.

Areas Included:
Meguro/Gotanda/Osaki, Toyoko Line/Jiyugaoka/Sangen-Jaya, St.Mary's & Seisen/Komazawa, Denen-chofu/ Tamagawa River side

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Shinjuku and surroundings

写真:Shinjuku and surroundings

Having the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office and skyscraper office building sector, Shinjuku ward is known as the very busiest city of Japan.
The Shinjuku Station gathers over 3million people passengers daily that is close to population of Yokohama city. While the vicinity of Shinjuku Station is lively and congested, surrounding area is relatively calm. The area of Shinjuku ward is wide to the east from the Station and hilly. Its east side reaches to outer moat of the Imperial Palace. Because French School once is located near to Iidabashi station, French expat families tend to live in this area. Nowadays, French school moved to Takinogawa where is north from Bunkyo ward, still this area is preferred by them.

Areas Included:
Yotsuya/Ichigaya/Bunkyo ward, Shinjuku/Mejiro/Ikebukuro

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West Tokyo

写真:West Tokyo

Located west from Shinjuku station, west Tokyo is popular are for local Japanese to live.
Most popular area is triangle area formed by Kichijoji, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. That is mostly within Suginami and Nakano districts.
The main campus of the American School in Japan is located west from there, in Chofu city connected by Keio Line and Odakyu Line.

Areas Included:
Kichijoji/Chuo-Line/Suginami, Keio-Line/Odakyu Line/Seijo, Chofu/ASIJ/others

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The areas not described in this area guides rarely have expat rental residences we handle. They are mostly local Japanese residents’ area, with smaller house and apartments.

Areas Included:
North area (Kita, Itabashi, others), East area (Ueno/Taito/others), South area(Ota, southern Shinagawa)

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