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If you live in Japan and ask someone what real estate agent to use, the name KEN will often surface. Established in 1972, KEN is one of the largest and leading real estate agents catering to expats and immigrants.

Based on our experience in business in Tokyo, we began handling high-class apartments in Yokohama. We focus on Minatomirai, an area with an attractive combination of commerce and comfortable residential properties.

Under a policy of “customer satisfaction first, our profit later” we are dedicated to offering our services with enthusiasm and sincerity, so we are highly regarded as a trustworthy real estate agent for foreigners.

We know what expats want and need during their stay. Our expertise is forged through dealing with thousands of customers and owners over the past 39 years. We support your accommodation search and negotiation.

Our sincere attitude and excellent renters allow us to cultivate tight and trusting relationships with owners, which is why we work with them to produce modern apartments and buildings that cater to expats.

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