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Moving Process

We appreciate to help you. To start your business in new location,
the process is going as below.

  1. 01 Planning Your Move
    When relocating your office, clarifying the reason for the move is of prime importance.
    The reasons for relocating generally fall under one of the following:
    • Improving the office environment
    • Fluctuations in personnel
    • Setting up of new branches Integration of offices
    • Cost reductions
    • Improved corporate image
    • Traffic convenience or improved mobility
    The next step is to establish your essential requirements. It is necessary to clarify things such as how much space you need, your selection of region and available transportation lines, the relocation date, running costs and the facilities you require.
    The last thing to do is nail down when you want to relocate. Generally speaking, it is best to look at a schedule of around six months.
  2. 02 Choosing a Location from Our Suggestions
    From among the relocation candidates suggested, you select a property that satisfies your requirements and examine the approximate cost.
    For a new office, you need to decide environmental conditions such as the area and layout of each space, office equipment usage, lighting and air conditioning, consider what kind of configuration to adopt and then make a final decision.
    It is also important to preview the property so that you can form a realistic image.
  3. 03 Planning Phase
    During this stage you determine the details of your relocation plan.
    It will be necessary to devise a layout that resolves issues you face at your former office, work out the furniture and fixtures you will require, and take precautions regarding restrictions under the Fire Service Act regarding electricity and air conditioning.
    At KEN, we can also work through our affiliates and partners to provide you with a comprehensive service for the preparations associated with relocations.
  4. 04 Relocation
    Starting your move
    Construction work associated with the relocation is carried out. The arrangement and delivery of the necessary furniture, fixtures and materials are carried out to coincide with this work.
    The planning of the relocation requires progress management.
  5. 05 Completion
    Procedures to vacate the former premises
    After restoration work to the premises being vacated and various notification procedures, your relocation is complete.
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