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KEN Helps You Meet Your Best Office.
This is only a few examples from our extensive experience.

At KEN, we offer a wide variety of services, including the establishment of new offices, office expansion and cost reduction, personnel recruitment, personnel relocation for improving morale, and strategic centralization of isolated offices. Here are a few customer success stories.

Case Study 1: Company A
A US-based logistics company

Establishment of a new business center at an incubation office in a large office building

Company A was looking for a five-person office in Tokyo as a new business center for business expansion. It was also considering future personnel increase and improving the impression made on visitors, so it was hoping for a large office building with gender-separated washrooms. We proposed an incubation office located inside a large office building in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, and we helped the company set up its new offices in Tokyo without any hitches.

Case Study 2: Company B
A US-based event operator

Moving from temporary offices to improve convenience and reduce monthly costs

Company B had previously been operating out of a temporary four-employee office, but they wanted to move to a standard office due to the high frequency of client visits and operating costs. They also wanted to have their new office in a building above a certain standard level. We proposed an office building in one corner of a large-scale development district in Tokyo’s Minato Ward. The company was able to move into a more convenient office with lower monthly costs.

Case Study 3: Company C
A Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company

Combining offices into one floor of a large office building, improving business efficiency, and lowering costs

Company C, which had been using two floors of a medium-sized office building as its business center in Tokyo, but they had developed relocation plans that called for a larger office located on the same floor.
In anticipation of future expansion of their global operations, we proposed a large office building in Chuo Ward, Tokyo that offered future expansion possibilities as their new location. In addition to improved business efficiency by merging their offices onto a single floor, they were also able to reduce costs.

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